About Kirsten



Kirsten graduated as a Licentiate of Acupuncture in 1994 at the International College of Oriental Medicine, UK and was fortunate enough to study with the founder of the college, the late Dr van Buren, as well as many other pioneering and extraordinary acupuncture teachers.

She has been a practising member of the British Acupuncture Council ever since and is a member of the teaching faculty of the International College of Oriental Medicine.

Kirsten also learnt the techniques of Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture in 2003 in Hongkong.

Since 2006 she has participated in an Acupuncture Training Programme as part of the MettaDana Project in northern Myanmar (Burma), enabling local traditional doctors to incorporate acupuncture as an effective part in the treatment of their many patients. See the video here.

Since 2012, Kirsten has been part of a group of volunteers offering acupuncture for the Macmillan Trust at the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead.

Also in 2012, she attended an in-depth advanced post graduate course with Peter van Kervel (international teacher and author of many books, specialising in connecting Classical Chinese Medicine to cutting edge Western Research and understanding). This has enabled her to greatly enhance the effectiveness of her acupuncture practise.

Kirsten is experienced in working with clients for a broad range of conditions, if you have a query whether acupuncture can help you please contact her directly.

Kirsten currently practises acupuncture at clinics in:

Wadhurst on Mondays

Eastbourne on Tuesdays

East Grinstead on Thursdays


Kirsten started practising yoga in 1988 and qualified as a Sivananda yoga teacher in 1989. She fell in love with the flow of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in 1991, through the generous teaching of Raphael Daborah and Danny Paradise.  Fully inspired, she travelled to study in Mysore, India in 1995, with Sri BNS Iyengar  a direct student of the late Sri T Krishnamacharya, and has spent many months in the following years practising and studying yoga in Jagonmohan Temple under his tutelage.

She started teaching in 1996 and has since had the pleasure of holding yoga classes and workshops in UK, Germany, India, America, Denmark, Hong Kong, El Salvador and Guatemala and hopes to continue with this until she is very old.

During a year long stay in Mysore in 2003, she developed the idea of Pink Namaste with her friend and neighbour Ravi Shankar, and began to research possibilities of linking up social and environmental work with business. Since then Kirsten has met and worked with many wonderful and different kinds of people to move this idea forward to its current stage - a fair trade online shop featuring yoga related merchandise that donates part of its proceedings back towards charitable projects in India.

To broaden her knowledge of different yoga techniques, Kirsten learnt about Yin Yoga from Sarah Hegarty and also started studying with a lesser known master of Hatha Yoga in Mysore: T. Jalendra Kumar, who taught many of the young Indian Hatha Yoga teachers currently popular with westerners in Mysore.

In 2012, Kirsten and her partner, film director Diego Barraza, released a documentary on yoga: Part & Parcel - a Yoga Documentary Satsang

From 2008 -2016, Kirsten held weekly yoga classes at Prinsted supporting people recovering from addictions. She felt that she learnt as much as she was teaching as people's developments continued to amaze her. Prinsted has recently closed down.

In 2015 she discovered Aerial Yoga, a fairly modern invention, which has been challenging as well as fun and Kirsten has started teaching small classes for both adults and children to share the joy of yoga in the air.

Mainly though, Kirsten teaches a dynamic form of yoga, based on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, free flow...sequences of postures that are synchronised with the breath into a dance combining stillness and motion...finding a deep sense of calm and space in movement...

She loves working with a group of yogis/ yoginis, or individuals, exploring flow and new possibilities at any level.

To find out about current classes, 1-2-1 tuition, and special events,

please contact her directly.