Welcome to Lotus Pulse – Acupuncture & Yoga with Kirsten Germann

Connection begins within our own being
rippling out into the world around us
being recognised and answered
the more connected we are to our own true heart
to the heart of the universe
the easier our ripples are understood
and the more easily answered by another’s truth
even if that truth has been buried for a while
it shines within all to be remembered
when touched it will free itself

In all my work I aim to listen to the essence of what is required
creating a space to facilitate connection and healing.

What people say…

“Kirsten is a complete personal health service!

Kirsten is a very patient and understanding listener. Her “magic” needles invariably give a great measure of relief, if not total cure.

She is wonderful”— Vera M

“Kirsten is an honest and most superb teacher, she is brilliant in motivating you to improve your practice, she gives you pride in what you are doing. Once you have done the class and exercised every muscle, then serenity sets in and you feel relieved of your week’s pressures. Every muscle relaxes, including those in your brain. Try it. I am not exaggerating.”— PF

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